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About Us

14/05/2016 Thái Sơn

JSC International Travel Tai – Abbreviation: THAISON TRAVEL, is a unit of professional activities in the fields of International Tourism and Domestic, hotels, restaurants, passenger transport business on fixed routes and contracts, providing products for tourists, financial consulting related to tourism, service …

– Business Registration Certificate Number: 2901260092. Date of issue: 09/07/2010. Issuer: Department of Nghe An investment plan.

– International Travel License No. 40-006 / 2014 / TCDL-GPLHQT of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

– Confirmation exclusive brand registered number: 235 103 / QD-IP of the Intellectual Property Department – Ministry of Science and Technology.

– Official members of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Vietnam VCCI No. 10346.

– Member of Vietnam Tourism Association VITA.

– Members of the Tourism Business young entrepreneurs in Asia – Pacific.

– Founding Member of Vietnam Tourism Association VISTA.

– As one of 27 founding members specialize pickup Travel Club Laos and Thailand through the International Road gate.

TRAVEL THAISON with trained staff team regulars basically, and pride is the only tourism business in North Central has personally crowned “Contest good tourist guides nationwide 2013 “the TCDL, Ministry of Culture – Sports and tourism, Vietnam tourism Association and tourism Development project of the EU institutions, travel agencies always have high individual award at the skills competitions specialized regional and national, received the 6420 merit of Nghe An Province People’s Committee Chairman 2 years in a row and received certificates of merit and merit of the Vietnam Tourism Association, 2012- 2013 ..

Meet the needs of travel, resort, tour exploring the domestic as well as foreign tourists to Vietnam and Vietnam to international tourists, THAISON TRAVEL always focus on developing human resources, sent specialized staff training abroad, participation in conferences and fairs in the region and internationally; Selection vatim service for partners to ensure credibility, quality …; Provide customer support services, free consultation dedicated to the needs of travelers, thoughtful after-sales service ….

So far THAISON TRAVEL has become one of the tourist icon when you want to go for relaxation, sightseeing, leisure, conferences and seminars in Vietnam or discover Laos – Thailand road, as well as the brand name for Thailand hundreds of delegations to Vietnam in recent years.

With a network of affiliates of the company and its partners spanning traditional territory of Vietnam and many countries, particularly in the capital, Vientiane – Laos, Kingdom of Thailand, Kingdom of Cambodia, Myanmar, China National … the company is a reliable address for hundreds of businesses and agencies, organizations and departments all over the country sent beliefs handed when intending to travel, explore and convalescence.

Brand has been confirmed in the province of Nghe An, THAISON TRAVEL always towards the motto “Service Quality perfectly-pioneers! ‘

Honored to serve you.



Vo Hong Sang

Unit members:

– BRANCH TSTRAVEL, CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL THAI Son Address: 2nd Floor, Office Tower Muong Thanh, Phan Boi Chau No. 1. Street shop Bau, Vinh City, Nghe An Province. The head of the branch: Nguyen Huu Bac – Position: Branch Manager.